CrossFire Legend Apk Download to Get Unlimited Amno

CrossFire Legend Mod Apk

If you want to know about CrossFire Legend Mod Apk (Unlimited Amno, Aimot) then this article could be helpful for you. CrossFire is a first person shooting game for android users. The game is firstly released for PC users by VTC Games, but now you can experience it on your mobile phones anytime and anywhere. The game play of CrossFire is filled with unexpected excitement as it comes with a lot of mode, and is divided into three main types to play: entertainment, competition and battle.

The game offers you 100s of guns. Here are few famous rifle patterns that you can find: A1, AUG-A3, M4A1-Custom, SCAR-Light and AK-47 Knife… these guns are often used in single player mode or used in a team because they all have the advantage of fast bullet speed. If you like zombie modes then you can pick machine guns like M249 Minimi, Gatling gun, M249 Minimi SPW, M60 or MG3. In addition CrossFire Legend Mod Apk has a lot of other weapons such as shotguns, submachine guns and pistols.

CrossFire Legend Features

Below are the most important and exciting features of CrossFire Legend Mod Apk

CrossFire Arena

CrossFire Arena is the best feature in the game. Players can choose to take part in arena.  The CrossFire Arena has numerous maps including the original CrossFire map.


There are a lot of characters available in the game. Players can choose a lot of soldiers including special characters and combatants from army forces. Check out some classes that are available in CrossFire Legend game.

1.      SWAT 

2.      SAS

3.      VIPERS

4.      OMOH

Classic Graphics

CrossFire Legend Mod Apk, which offer you classic and amazing graphics like a lot of other popular games.

Good Sound Quality

CrossFire Legends Mod Apk game offers you good sound quality and interesting gameplay.

Control Buttons

In CrossFire Legends you can use joystick to move players and use grenade button to throw it.  

Final Words 

CrossFire Legend Mod Apk is a first person shooter game in which you fight against terrorist and you have a chance to become a hero. It has a lot of different modes and it offers a very interesting and vast gaming experience for those gamers who like games in this category. You can download CrossFire Legends from any trusted website.  If you have any question about the game then you can ask in our comment box.

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